Updates for Our Families

A few important reminders…

Dear Parents:

Hasn’t the weather been glorious?

We’d like to start with a couple of reminders –

1.      All students are expected to come to class wearing their school uniforms.

2.      For safety and privacy reasons, parents should not be visible while classroom meetings are being held in Google, nor should they be engaging in conversations with teachers.

It has also come to our attention that in some classes, students aren’t participating in prayers but, instead, using the meeting chat feature to engage others in conversation. Please remind your children that they are attending a Catholic school, and that while in school, all students are expected to participate in prayers or any other religious activity. That’s a policy of the Diocese, and not a choice to be made by individual families.

This week, we’ve received a number of questions about communication between and among students and families. To clarify a few points…

Cameras and Microphones — Although it would be helpful to actually “see” all of our students, we cannot and do not require students to turn on their cameras. We do, however, ask that students remain mute until such time as their teacher gives them permission to turn their mics on.

Sharing of Emails/Phone Numbers – We recognize that this is a difficult period, and the opportunities to engage others – students and parents – in the kind of impromptu situations that arise in bricks and mortar schools don’t surface in a virtual environment. Recognizing that many parents and students want a way to communicate with each other beyond the school day, we’re exploring a number of options – options that will meet those needs while also protecting everyone’s privacy.

Time for Students to Get to Know Each Other in Class – Class discussions are a natural way for students to learn more about each other’s points of view, interests, etc. In a virtual environment, the trick is balancing time spent in informal discussions vs. discussions that are lesson-focused. While some of you have indicated you’d like your children to have more time to share with classmates, others have expressed disapproval with classes where such discussions have been permitted. Again, it’s a question of balance, and as our teachers and students navigate these first few weeks together, we’re confident an appropriate balance will be struck.

Have a blessed evening!