Updates for Our Families

Happy Wednesday!

Dear Parents:

Happy Wednesday! We hope your children found some time today to revisit what they’ve learned so far this week.

Book & Device Pick-Up
We’ve noticed quite a number of emails asking for appointments to pick up books. In our October 5th email we indicated that an updated schedule for pick-up of books and devices would be posted at the end of this week. Please be sure to check the school website Friday evening for that update.

Book Fees and Purchases
Yesterday we mentioned that parents of students in grades 4 through 8 who wanted hard copies of texts could purchase them from Savvas/Realize. That generated some questions about digital vs. print texts which we’d like to address at this point.

Our youngest students (K-3) are still developing their manual dexterity and they’re also learning to write legibly. Considering the needs of these students, we felt providing print workbooks to them was a necessary component of the program. For grades 4 through 8 we selected digital texts which offer an added benefit – interactive activities, some of which provide instant feedback to students on their work.

Some of you have asked why you paid your home schools book fees if students are receiving digital materials. Please keep in mind that online texts involve licensing fees and these were offset by your payments. Therefore, should you elect to receive print texts you will need to do so at your own expense. We have requested ISBN numbers from the publisher for each grade/subject text and we will share that information with you as soon as it’s available.

Teacher Email
I know you’ll agree that teachers need to be focusing their attention on instruction – planning for it, conducting it, and assessing it. However, many of our teachers are still receiving an inordinate number of emails – many of which relate to topics that are addressed in these updates. PLEASE – let the school website be your primary “go to” place for information. If you must email a teacher, be sure it relates to a specific aspect of your child’s instruction or setting up a meeting with a teacher.

Thank you and have a pleasant evening!

Best Regards,
Manuela Adsuar-Pizzi
Maria Lamatttina