Updates for Our Families

SAVVAS Realize accounts

Dear Parents:

We know many of you and your children are excited about getting started with their SAVVAS Realize accounts – we are, too!

Before we can “go live” we need you to do the following:

SAVVAS REALIZE ACCOUNTS – Join Google Classroom First!

Please log into your child’s St. Thomas Aquinas DLP email account, review any emails you may have missed, and be sure to accept any invitations you received to join google classrooms.

You can also access Google Classroom directly with your child’s STADLP email account by going to and accepting all the classroom invitations from there.

This is the most important step before your teacher can connect you to Realize!


We have provided hard copies of books for grades K-3 but families wishing to supplement the digital copies with hard copies for grades 4-8 can now order them online!

Go to:
School: St Thomas Aquinas Virtual School
City/ZipCode: Brooklyn, 11215


Manuela Adsuar-Pizzi
Maria Lamattina