Updates for Our Families

Week 3!

Good Evening Families,

Welcome to Week Three! I hope that you had a restful long weekend and are excited for another joyful week of learning. We have some exciting news and great wins to share with you this evening!

Religion Program – My Catholic Faith Delivered

Good news! This week, your child will receive an email invitation to his/her STADLP account in order to activate their online Religion Program – My Catholic Faith Delivered. We are really excited about this program and are so thrilled to support your child in his or her faith journey. This afternoon, invitations were sent to our upper school students and by the end of the week, invitations will be sent to our lower school students.

Savvas Realize

Last week, we began our roll out of Savvas Realize. Students can access their accounts directly from google classroom using their STA account. We have set up this feature as a single sign-on feature to allow for greater ease in connecting to the program, so there is no need to sign into the account separately. Over the course of the next week, teachers will be posting assignments and resources, readings, videos and more from Realize straight to Google Classroom! We do expect there to be some adjustments for students and teachers as the systems roll out, so please do not hesitate to create a tech ticket if you find you are struggling or stuck on trying to access a feature. We are here to support you and support your child in their success!


Now that we have been able to roll out our Google Classroom, Savvas Realize and Religion programs, we will soon begin the process of rolling out our iReady accounts. As you have seen over the last few weeks, there are a lot of moving parts that go into learning new systems and getting every student enrolled and up and running without glitches. This is why we have intentionally chosen to roll these systems out one at a time to ensure supports are in place. You will be receiving iReady information in the coming weeks.

Google Meets

Over the last few weeks, we have had a number of wins and a few challenges with Google Meets. Most notably, Google Meet has two features we would like to bring to your attention so that you can support us as partners in your child’s learning.

1) If a teacher is called away from a meet due to an emergency or if he/she is dropped off a call due to an internet issue, the meet still goes on without the teacher! This is a feature of Google Meet that is not able to be altered in our education account. Please – if you notice the teacher has dropped off a call or has had to leave due to an emergency, help protect the integrity of the learning space by logging your child off of the account. You will be able to log back in once the system is running again. We thank you for your support on this.

2) There is no “mute all” feature in Google Meet. Please support teachers in helping set expectations for your child to remain on mute until called upon. Unlike Zoom or other platforms where teachers have easy access to mute controls, Google Meet is a bit more “egalitarian” in nature, placing the mute control in the hands of the attendees, particularly in presentation mode. Please – partner with us in creating a supportive learning space for all and speak with your child about the mute feature and how to use it appropriately.

Social Networks

Many parents and students have wanted to connect with each other, building that sense of community that comes naturally in a brick and mortar setting. We want to help you to do that as well! We are currently researching and developing some great social network features that will allow families and students to connect and build friendships and community in a safe way. In the meantime, please honor the classroom space as a learning space and connect to your teacher, another parent or student-student outside of classroom time.

I look forward to a great week together with you – have a blessed evening!

Manuela Adsuar-Pizzi